Most of us these days recognise the importance of eating a balanced diet full of fresh, natural ingredients. Not only does a healthy diet give us more energy, it can enhance our mood and digestive health.

In reality, it isn't always easy to stick to a healthy eating routine, or to keep coming up with new ideas to keep our taste buds excited. So any steps we can take to make positive food choices easier and more tempting have to be good.

There are lots of cookbooks available to help you create quick and simple healthy meals for you and your family. Websites such as are also great places to get healthy diet plans and nutrition advice.

A few other ways to liven up meal times.

It's worth remembering, the key to a healthy diet isn't to ban any foods but to balance what you eat by enjoying a good variety of things - and trying to adhere to these few golden rules.

Before beginning any new exercise regime or changing your diet, it may be advisable to consult your doctor for their opinion

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