What are the best heart-strengthening supplements?

What are the best heart-strengthening supplements?
Supplements and vitamins help healthy bones and muscles, but what about the heart? Heart strengthening supplements from Kwai heart care can lead to a healthy heart. With the rise in technology, we now have access to overwhelming amounts of information to get healthier through diet, supplements and vitamins. We know that supplements and vitamins are...
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What is S-alleyl cysteine (SAC)?

Abundant in raw garlic, S-alleyl cysteine (SAC) has been frequently studied over the years. It's a natural antioxidant molecule with a diverse range of potential heart-supporting properties. S-alleyl cysteine, abbreviated as SAC, is a natural antioxidant molecule that's exclusively found in garlic and a few varieties of onion. In clinical studies, ...
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In at the Deep End: Wild Swimming

Swimming is a full body workout with numerous health benefits. Open or wild water swimming, in the colder water of natural lakes, rivers and lidos, could be even better for your heart. Wild swimming, otherwise known as open water swimming, is an age-old tradition. Immersing yourself in cold, open waters can have a wide range of health benefits – th...
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Black Garlic and the Brain

From traditional food to powerful supplement, black garlic has shot to fame around the world. Black garlic is thought to have neuroprotective effects, meaning it could help your brain stay healthier for longer. The brain is by far the most complex organ in the human body; understanding how to keep our brain healthy can seem equally complex. We've b...
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Bird Watching for Heart Health

Social distancing and lockdowns due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic have left our streets feeling deserted. But there's still an abundance of life around us. Bird watching is an excellent way to pass the time; it's a highly rewarding activity that's easy to get into and there's evidence that it could improve heart health as well.  Whether you...
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Type 2 Diabetes and Black Garlic

An estimated 4.7 million people in the UK currently have diabetes. Black Garlic has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels and LDL cholesterol levels, two major risk factors for heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is one of the most common medical conditions worldwide, affecting approximately 1 in 11 adults. This statistic is on the increa...
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Allicin and the Immune System

Allicin, an active molecule derived from garlic, boasts an impressive list of properties. It's an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial powerhouse – here's how Allicin could affect your immune system. Our immune system is amazing. It protects our body from pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and toxins and helps to locate and destroy...
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Black Garlic: Vitamins, Minerals and More

Black garlic contains a wide range of minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, micronutrients and more. Take a closer look at why these unique molecules place black garlic in a league of its own.  Black garlic is an abundant source of micronutrients, small molecules that our body needs to function correctly. These play a multitude of important role...
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Sleep Schedules: How Naps can affect your Heart

In the UK, most people sleep undisturbed for around 6 hours each night. But there are many different sleep patterns, ranging from the humble afternoon nap to the space-age dymaxion sleep schedule.  Britain is a nation of poor sleep. We're typically getting less than the seven to nine hours of sleep recommended for maintaining good mental and p...
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What is Healthy Ageing?

Healthy ageing is a term we'll be seeing a lot more of in the coming years. It's a key part of helping people stay physically and mentally fit, for longer than ever before. The World Health Organisation has declared 2020 to 2030 the decade of healthy ageing, but what does this term mean and should you get involved? Healthy ageing has been defined a...
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The Strange Diets of The World’s Oldest People

A daily serving of pickled herring and raw eggs might not sound appetising, but these are just some of the unique dietary habits of the oldest verified people in the world. The world's oldest people are often asked about their secret to living a long life. Common responses include having a positive outlook on life, being independent, living without...
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Dancing for a Healthier Body and Mind

Can you tango, waltz or limbo your way to a longer life? Dancing can significantly improve heart and brain health and may even add years onto a person's life – here's what the scientists have to say. Dancing is an excellent physical activity for heart-health, according to the British Heart Foundation. It helps your joints stay flexible, stretches m...
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How can Garlic affect our Skin?

Skin is the largest organ of the human body. Skincare is part of most people's daily routine. Whether you prefer a quick splash with cold water or a 3-hour-long face mask, everyone's skin and skincare routines are different. People have been trying to rejuvenate and strengthen their skin for a very long time; cosmetics dating back over 6,000 years ...
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Mediterranean Diet Crowned 2021’s Top Diet

Do you want a healthier heart? A healthy diet can reduce your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Here are 2021's three best diets for heart health. A group of 25 nutritionists, cardiologists and researchers have crowned the Mediterranean diet their overall best diet for the fourth year running1. This should come as ...
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From Soaps to Salads; The Many Uses of Black Garlic

It was first created to preserve garlic for the year ahead. Now black garlic is a multi-purpose ingredient found everything from skincare products and shampoo to deserts and dietary supplements. Chances are, you've only heard about black garlic in the last few years. Here in the UK, black garlic is a somewhat recent phenomenon, being first sold her...
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Is Your Diet Really as Healthy as you Think?

According to research from the Office for National Statistics, many of us are eating 30% more than we realise. Do we really know our own diets? To keep our body and mind healthy, we need to be consuming the right amount of food each day. In terms of calories, most adult men and women should consume around 2,500 and 2,000 calories per day respective...
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What are Black Garlic Saponins?

What are Black Garlic Saponins?
Saponins are plant-derived molecules that may help to reduce cholesterol levels and lower blood sugar levels. Black garlic is thought to contain at least 10 varieties of saponins – here's how they could affect health. We rely on plants to feed us, make our clothes, build our homes and a whole lot more. Plants have evolved a complex defence system m...
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Royalty and Garlic

Today, garlic is enjoyed by billions of people worldwide. But the world hasn't always been quite so accepting of this pungent plant. The British monarchy has survived wars, coups, pandemics and rebellions in its 1200-year history. The royal family is famous around the world as the bar-setters of etiquette and politeness at the dinner table. In the ...
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Could Retiring Early Damage your Health?

Retiring can give people new lease on life, with less stress and significantly more free time. But life after work might not be as good for your heart as you may imagine… We spend around 30% of our life at work – that's around 90,000 hours in total over an average lifetime1. Retiring from work early can seem an attractive and rewarding prospect, es...
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Coffee and Heart Health

Drinking coffee can help to protect a person's long-term heart health, according to a growing volume of in-depth research. Consuming just two cups of the pick-me-up daily can dramatically lower a healthy adults' risk of developing heart disease. People around the world start their day with a steaming hot cup of coffee. It's an integral part of many...
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