About Us

At Precision Healthcare, we believe in giving our customers that added boost & kick in life….

  • For loving life, singing, jumping, walking, dancing and loving. We believe looking after your health is so important , especially your heart.
  • We provide premium products, with quality ingredients developed to enhance peoples lives and help out with those everyday struggles.
  • With a good diet, regular exercise and a healthy heart , you can stay brimming with verve & vitality.
  • Precision Healthcare work with the worlds greatest herbal ingredients which are optimised to allow millions of people around the world to enjoy life.

General advice before buying any health supplement or herbal remedy:

  • The active ingredients found in herbs deteriorate with contact to air. This is why tablets are considered the best form of supplement as they seal in the vital extracts until they are needed.
  • When considering a supplement, always check that it contains a 'standardised' amount of active ingredient. This way you can be sure of exactly the dose you are taking.
  • Stick to single food supplements or herbal remedies. This makes it is easier to regulate how much of an ingredient you are taking and more speedily diagnose any potential side effects.
  • Some products have 'contra-indications'. (Warnings against taking them in certain circumstances; e.g. if pregnant or taking prescription medication.) Pack labels should highlight these if they exist. If in doubt, please ask your doctor.
  • You get what you pay for. The highest quality products come from the best plants that have been cultivated and harvested under the optimum conditions. So, needless to say, products that contain these cost a little more. If something is disproportionately cheap you should question its value.