About Us

At Klosterfrau, we believe life is for living....

....for laughing, singing, jumping, walking, dancing, and hugging. We think life is wonderful. Which is why looking after your health is so important. We provide food supplements and advice to help you to maintain a healthy body and mind. Whether it's only natural; the better we take care of our bodies, the more fun our bodies will let us have. Good diet and regular exercise are crucial if we all want to stay brimming with vitality. Klosterfrau food supplements and Klosterfrau herbal remedies are another great way to help your body maintain a healthy balance. Made using only premium ingredients for optimised efficacy, millions of people around the world take our tablets as part of their everyday routine. Why not make them part of yours too?

Klosterfrau Healthcare Group

The history of Klosterfrau dates back almost two centuries to the period just after the French Revolution, and to a very special nun called Maria Clementine Martin. Having had the cloister where she worked as a chemist discontinued, Sister Maria moved to Cologne and began applying her extensive knowledge of natural remedies for the benefit of the general public who, in their native German, called her 'Klosterfrau'. From these small beginnings our modern company developed.

Today, the Klosterfrau Healthcare Group is one of the leading names in food supplements and herbal remedies, with over 1000 dedicated employees in Germany alone, developing, manufacturing and marketing an extensive range of products across Europe and the rest of the world. We remain completely independent and also own the Kira Ltd and Cypar range of herbal remedies.

Who we are?

We've come a long way since Sister Maria's day. The principles, practices and ethical responsibility she felt towards her patients in the 1800s are still adhered to today. This is why we continue to call ourselves Klosterfrau and why you can be sure, whenever you see our name, you will be getting what we believe are the very best food supplements and herbal remedies available.

If you would like to know more about the Klosterfrau Healthcare Group or our products, please get in touch with us via our contact us page.

Klosterfrau Healthcare Group

Why choose Klosterfrau

With so many companies now offering such a huge choice of food supplements and herbal remedies, sometimes it can be rather confusing knowing who best to trust and which products to pick. Which is why, at Klosterfrau, we like to keep things simple.

We focus on ceaselessly improving quality and we carry out extensive scientific research in close collaboration with independent universities and clinics. This extends from our controlled cultivation of plants to ensure maximum yields of active ingredients, to the gentle production processes that capture and preserve our precious extracts, right through to the strict quality control procedures that measure and regulate dosages.

This high level of care ensures that every Klosterfrau tablet in every Klosterfrau pack contains only the highest quality food or herbal extracts at a precise and standardised dosage, so you can be confident that you're getting the right amount.

General advice before buying any health supplement or herbal remedy:

  • The active ingredients found in herbs deteriorate with contact to air. This is why tablets are considered the best form of supplement as they seal in the vital extracts until they are needed.
  • When considering a supplement, always check that it contains a 'standardised' amount of active ingredient. This way you can be sure of exactly the dose you are taking.
  • Stick to single food supplements or herbal remedies. This makes it is easier to regulate how much of an ingredient you are taking and more speedily diagnose any potential side effects.
  • Some products have 'contra-indications'. (Warnings against taking them in certain circumstances; e.g. if pregnant or taking prescription medication.) Pack labels should highlight these if they exist. If in doubt, please ask your doctor.
  • You get what you pay for. The highest quality products come from the best plants that have been cultivated and harvested under the optimum conditions. So, needless to say, products that contain these cost a little more. If something is disproportionately cheap you should question its value.

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